Bourbon St. Grille

There are few places to get a great burger downtown. This is one of those places. Perhaps the best burger shy of heading to a steakhouse in or near downtown Dayton. A favorite of the court crowds, lawyers and blue collar alike wait in line for the great bourbon chicken, burgers, beans and rice and…

East 5th Grill and Carryout

What a dive. A great,¬† hole in the wall¬† tucked out of the way, place. I didn’t get the coffee greeting that attracted me to this classic dive diner. With a u-turn after the rail road tracks, I parked next door and left my sportcoat on the seat. I bellied up to the counter, close…

New Foodie Blog

Hat tip to Esrati for the link to Diving through Dayton. A great foodie site for those of us who love the out of the way spots here in town. Great reviews, great sense of humor and hopefully a new place to lunch. Link is in the blogroll. Or here. Diving Through Dayton

The 4200 Place

The 4200 Place re-opened last week . Named after its location at 4200 Kettering Boulevard across from Moraine assembly. After the sudden death of its owner and subsequent closing of this little gem in 2007, this diner is back. Once a true drive in called Angelo’s, this local eatery has redefined itself once again. The…

Coming soon

A new Dayton website reviewing all the out of the way, old school, greasy spoons, dives, diners and burger joints. Look for a review of the newly reopened 4200 Place diner in the Moraine/Kettering GM area. This little gem is set to reopen on January 14. We will be there for a full review.