Zink’s in Centerville

When your friends know you like a good burger you sometimes get text messages like the one I received a few weeks ago.

Zinks. 725 Centerville. Get the Burger.


With friends like I have, you listen to random mid-day texts. I grabbed a co-worker and we made the 10-minute drive to 725 and found Zinks Meats & Fine Wines in a strip mall. This deli and butcher shop is a hidden gem among a pile of rocks. Cheap Chinese takeout, tanning salons, a pizza place, Big Lots and a few other spots not on my radar hid Zink’s from me during the last year. This is the same Zink’s that lived south of Centerville across from the new Kroger on 48. 

Zink’s stores are well known in the region. For more than 40 years the Zink’s name has meant great meat and great service. When the original owner died the five Zink sons took over and operated their own stores independently. Today only two remain. Zink’s Deli in Centerville and Zink’s Butcher shop in Franklin. The Centerville location kept the name, the reputation and great meat, ownership is not connected to the family at all. The Franklin shop is still run by the family.

The Burger

My tip was correct. This hand pattied 1/3 pound burger was superb. Dressed perfectly on a Brioche bun it took 4 napkins to contain the juiciness. The color indicated it was cooked nearly well, but that didn’t harm the taste, texture or moistness of this piece of art. I got the chips and a side of coleslaw. The slaw was made in house alongside another dozen deli favorites. This fact is secondary to the greatness of the burger. 

Above the meat counter, they advertised hormone free, antibiotic free, grass fed beef and pork. This had that taste of healthy grass fed beef. You know the taste. Pure beefiness. Honestly, I don’t remember the slaw. I remember the best burger I’ve had in years in Dayton. That is not hyperbole.


For $6.99 I got the hunter. 1/3 pound burger, bacon & cheddar ground with Hoffman’s super sharp, bacon, ketchup, pickle, lettuce & banana peppers. I skipped the ketchup, added mayo and it was perfect. Banana peppers on a burger? Yes please. 10/10 I have this again soon.

For bigger appetites, I recommend the Monster. 1/2 pound burger, a slice of Schad’s ham, grilled mushrooms and onion, with Munster cheese and mayo. Their menu

Their menu covers all you need. Deli sandwiches, grilled chicken, cold cuts, a Reuben, fried pork tenderloin and periodic specials like the Lobster Roll last month.

Wait There’s More!

Zinks Meats and Fine Wines means wine and meat. Look for $31.00 wine flights during the evenings and a sirloin dinner for .99 a pound. That is right. A 10 ounce sirloin dinner for $10.00. The beer cooler had my favorites from Warped Wing and there must have been more than 100 labels of wine on hand. 


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