Yea. I said it. McDonalds.

Before you click away and write this off as some sort of sham gimme 5 minutes to explain.

This blog is about finding a great, perhaps the greatest burger in town. That is true. How is it that McDonald’s makes the list? I know, this is like inviting Nickleback to a rock and roll festival. Maybe. Not exactly.

Since 1948 McDonald’s has been feeding America, now the world, hamburgers. The American cheeseburger has evolved alongside the McDonald’s product line. Recent years have brought strong competition in the fast and fast casual space for burgers. In and Out. Five Guys. Smash Burger. Red Robin. All elbowing their way into the burger space. Ignoring Hardee’s and Carl Jr. (bigger is better mantra) or Burger King’s custom burgers, McDonald’s is adjusting to the new kids in the hood.

I have a list of great burger joints on this blog. I look for good bacon, great cheese, a good patty, fresh toppings and that special something to hold it all together. It is as if McDonald’s was reading my mind. Allow me to introduce the The Bacon Clubhouse Burger. At first invite I was remembering the McDLT disaster from the 80’s. Then I read more online.

This is not your normal fast food burger. Applewood Bacon, White Cheddar, grilled onions.

This is not your normal fast food burger. Applewood Bacon, White Cheddar, grilled onions.

Imagine with me, applewood smoked bacon, white cheddar, grilled onions and….wait for it….Big Mac’s special sauce. I know right?  The preview group was walked through this new creation earlier this week in Dayton. The base. Brioche bun. Buttered. Grilled. Better than expected from a chain. Next up the applewood bacon, cooked perfect and sliced thin so it crisped up just right. Fresh grilled onions and real white cheddar with just the right bite to it.

Using the 1/4 pound patty, both pieces of bun held the magical Big Mac sauce. Fresh lettuce, leafy, not shredded and thick sliced tomato, I had to remind myself that I was at McDonalds. The burger held together, wrapped in wax paper like a finer establishment, the burger was pretty damn good. With a small side of fries and extra sauce to dip them in, it was easy for my mouth to think we were at EO Burger enjoying a sandwhich that retails for twice the price.

The grilled onions and Bib Mac Special Sauce separate this McDonald's burger from the rest of the McD line.

The grilled onions and Bib Mac Special Sauce separate this McDonald’s burger from the rest of the McD line.

If you have a hankering for a great burger, fast and cheap, don’t pass up McDonalds.  Go in. Chances are the store has been remodeled and enjoy the Bacon Clubhouse burger. It is also available in chicken, grilled or fried. Each topping is added at your request, so leave off the veggies or load it up like I did. You won’t be disappointed and your wallet will be none the wiser. Use that extra cash and grab a milkshake for your date.


2 thoughts on “McDonalds

  1. Youre an idiot where did you get your credetials to do this task come on mcdees your an idiot where talking homemade burgers leave that up to the right guyyy ff. DDD OK

    • Thanks Paul for writing in. Have you tried the burger I wrote about?

      Go ahead. Try it. Leave your address and I will send a gift card to cover the cost.

      This is not the $.99 cheeseburger that tastes like the wrapper. Does this burger stand up next to the Oakwood Club’s Black and Bleu? No. Not at all. Take a minute and read the entire piece, go try it, then get to back to me here. Til then I am headed to Abner’s for the Cheeseburger lunch plate.

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