Abner’s sits in the seediest part of East Third in Dayton. Off the beaten path but shouldn’t be ignored.

Sitting on the south side of East Third Abner’s is a local’s greasy spoon. A few highlights. Breakfast all day. Great prices. Friendly wait staff, one girl working the small counter and the 8 booths. Any time I see locals just drinking coffee and reading the paper, or in this case playing cards, I know I have found a gem.

I had the bacon cheeseburger, fries and cottage cheese. This burger was a two napkin as the juice ran down my sleeve. Not greasy and not a frozen stamped patty. The salad on top was lacking in December. Too many crisp fries to finish and cottage cheese was cold. I had the iced tea, this is a Pepsi place. Lunch with tip was well south of $10.00.

The couple next to me had breakfast and it made me wish I had ordered the biscuits and gravy.  I will be back for a full menu to review.

So for some East Dayton culture, a great burger, or breakfast and lottery if you need, Abner’s is your place!


One thought on “Abner’s

  1. Abners… one of the few things I miss about Dayton! I remember back in the 90z they offered a ribeye steak dinner with tater tot casserole for $3.95, & saturday mornings you could go for an early breakfast before work and gawk at the prostitutes strutting up and down the sidewalk across the street. They also had an authentic 1970z jukebox that was actually loaded with rock in the 1970z, which is so much better than a modern effort at retro.

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