Tipp O’ the Town

On occasion the search for the perfect burger lands you in the most unlikely of places. This week that place is Tipp City Ohio. Being north of town on the backside of the lunch hour left me scrambling for a bite to eat. Leaving exit 68 off of I-75 I had the option of hitting the interstate fast food fare but decided to duck into the Tipp O’ late for lunch.

Upon entering I realized this was a working class family restaurant and not a dive, or classic diner. Big booths, dark walls, little league trophies and a check out counter full of local lore and trinkets. My eye caught the group of waitresses who had just finished cleaning up after the lunch service, they were between me and the chilled case of pie’s and cobblers.

Menu was typical midwest diner/family restaurant offerings. Club sandwiches, burgers, meat +2 plates and a pork tenderloin sandwich that was guaranteed to be the largest one you would ever see. Tempted to leave my routine for this piece of pork on a bun, I chose to create my own 1/3 pound bacon burger. Dressed the way I like it, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo. This handpattied fresh ground beef burger didnt disappoint. Offering a 1/4, double 1/4, 1/3 and 1/2 pound burgers there was something for everyone. Decent fries and cottage cheese completed my platter. So much burger that I couldn’t finish my fries.

This is a Coca Cola establishment and that is always welcomed here at DDD.  I passed on the iced tea in favor of a cold Coke.

The service was impeccable. When my waitress was checking on something else, a second lady delivered my plate right after the cook put it in the window. Old school waitresses taking care of customers before worrying about who might get tipped or blamed or whatever.

The desert menu was written on a white board with the day’s specials. The special on my visit was a fried clam platter and a fried shrimp platter. Something to consider on my return trip. Cakes, pies, cobblers, including a fresh blueberry and a crazy looking apple pie with caramel and nuts caught my eye. In a hurry and stuffed from a great burger I declined on the sweet finish.

$11.50 included a generous tip and small talk by the waitress who treated me like a local. Next time you are north of i70 and needing lunch or a great family supper, stop into the Tipp O’ off of exit 68 in Tipp City. Breakfast served anytime!


2 thoughts on “Tipp O’ the Town

  1. I really have to wonder about this reviewer. I guess he or she just eats hamburgers. My experience was as poor as it could be for a restaurant with an active health permit.

    • Yes. Burgers. As stated in the about section, I’m searching for the best burger. I’ve been to Tipp many times with a decent experience every time.

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