Foy’s in Fairborn

Eureka! I found it. A truly vintage diner, like stepping back in time. Foy’s Rock and Roll Grill is located in downtown Fairborn “on the circle”. It appears not much has changed inside this time capsule. Just the way a local dive diner should be. I couldn’t have been more surprised or pleased stepping into Foy’s.

The place isn’t much for outsiders. The regulars, locals, seemed to get the best service, extra attention, a hug from the cook, and a free serving of deep fried mushrooms. This only added to the charm. Saddling up to the counter for the best service and best view, I was greeted quickly and my fountain Coke was delivered promptly with a one page laminate menu. Those that have visited this site before know that I love laminated one page menus.

The Foy Burger platter called my name. I always break into a new place with a cheeseburger, fries and cottage cheese. Perfect all around. 1/2 pound hand pattied burger was already 1/2 cooked and chilling grillside. Finished off on the flat top, toasted bun, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo make it look like a salad resting on top. The burger spilled over the bun and was more than I could really eat. The cottage cheese was cold and the fries were hot. They weren’t my favorite fries, but good and plenty of them.
I noticed a few things. First, someone ordered curly fries. A basket at $4.25, they were hand right before going into the fryer. Nice. Saw someone order the special, a steak hoagy and fries, $5.25, and witnessed the largest fish sandwhich I ever laid eyes upon. The only thing bigger than the fish is the plate sized pork tenderloin served with extra pickles. Perfect.
The decor is timeless, old chrome, a well used pool table, seating for 20 or so, and counter space for 10 more. Coca-Cola memorabilia line the walls and adorn the tables.

Other notables from the menu, a smaller 1/4 pound Foy Burger, Kentucky Round Steak (bologna) and breakfast served anytime!

My bill, with big tip and coke included, less than $9.00 for a great 1/2 pound burger. Be hungry or go home with a to go box! This place has moved to the top of the list for diners in the Dayton area.


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