One Eyed Jack’s

While eating at the Fairborn location of national chain First Watch, I noticed a sign proclaiming “pub burgers”. The place is One Eyed Jacks across from the Nutter Center. It’s not a diner. It’s barely a dive. At first glance it is a college bar with all the trappings. Cheap afternoon beer, a menu full of appetizers and sandwhiches, crude stage set up, t.v.’s tuned to sports and a bathroom you wouldn’t let your mother near.

I forged on in my journey to consume this pub burger advertised beneath the 4 suits of a card deck. Low lighting, big booths, an empty bar and quiet juke box met me mid afternoon recently. One coed ed studying for a test, and a regular hitting on one of the two wait staff on shift.

I ordered their bacon cheeseburger. Substituting provolone for cheddar and asking for the ketchup to be left off, I awaiting my bacon burger with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo to arrive. The lunch basket came with fries and a small order of cole slaw.  As you all know from my reviews prior to this one, this is my standard lunch test. If you can’t get a burger right, what chance is there for anything else.

Here is the rundown. Warm coleslaw. Probably bought from a big company in a plastic tub and portioned into styrofoam cups twice weekly.  Fries straight from brown freezer bad to fryer.  Not bad, but also not hand cut, had that mysterious red color to them, think Arby’s curly fries without the cute shapes.

The burger. Looked great.  Good size, 6 ounce. Looked hand pattied. Cooked through at first blush. First bite was great. Good bacon, great toppings, mayo kept the veggies in place. Sesame seed bun had been buttered and toasted on the flat top. Nice touch, often overlooked in a dive college bar. After two or three bites I noticed my burger was about medium to medium rare. It looks like the sandwhich was assembled, mayo and all, cut in half for presentation, then the medium rare was noticed. From the wilted lettuce and cooked interior, it appears that the burger was placed in the oven to cook a bit longer after assembly and cutting.

So close to 4 stars, yet so far away. For an 8 dollar burger and fries on a slow weekday afternoon the final performance fell short. Side note, this is the first time my burger has ever been dressed with baby greens and not iceburg. This might explain the wilted greens that I picked off.

If there is a next time I will go with the three cheese burger with sauteed onions instead. Total bill with Coca Cola, $10.17.
Hi points: great beer selection and very friendly wait staff. Cool college bar scene vibe and not a long wait. Wish they made me wait 4 more minutes to cook that burger through.

You try it and tell us what you think.


One thought on “One Eyed Jack’s

  1. This is one of our favorite places. Their beer selection is vast and their food is consistently great!!

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