A true college dive with white collar appeal. Until recently I hadn’t been into Tanks since my days at the University of Dayton. Long known for its “couch potatoes”, great beer selection and chili burgers, this UD institution attracts a hearty lunch crowd even when school is out.

Burgers and sandwhiches are the common fair, but salads and their famous chili shouldn’t be missed. Recent renovations and an expanded dining room will alleviate the common 5-10 minute wait for lunch soon. On a recent lunch visit the dining room was full and a small line formed near the door. No college students could be seen, blue collar and white collar sat side by side enjoying burgers and great sandwhiches.

I enjoyed the Turkey Club, not pretentious, but rather stuffed full of turkey, bacon and american cheese. My companion enjoyed a plentiful reuben on rye, a mound of chips and a pickle spear completed the plate. Both of us eating for less than $8.00 with a drink.

This place is no frills, but delivers a great sandwhich and the best loaded fries in Dayton. Upon the advice of Esrati I will be back to give breakfast a try in the near future.

The wait staff was great and excellent service is the norm at this dive.
Tanks. Wayne Avenue on the backside of UD. Just up the hill from Downtown. (937) 252-2249
Before a Dragon’s game, hop a ride on Tanks Dragon Wagon.


5 thoughts on “Tanks

  1. Tanks is a great place to eat. Their version of Grilled Cheese with the works has more ingredients than one ever thought possible. Parking is usually a little tight but plenty on the road. They also operate the bus to UD Flyer basketball games.

  2. Tank’s is my favorite place to eat. Its my first choice in Dayton. “Two thumbs up”. Tank’s has an awesome burger platter. Tanks also caters to sports fans with the Tank Bus to UD basketball games and the Dragon games. They have a great breakfast too!

  3. I’ve been a fan of Tanks. Love their Reuben, hand cut fries, Turkey Club.

    But, recently my husband and I went there on a Saturday afternoon, after the breakfast rush and before the evening one, about 2:30. They weren’t busy!

    My Reuben had no sauce at all and I showed the waitress, also, all the meat was on one half of the sandwich and only a corner of meat on the second half. I consoled myself that I only needed 1/2 a sandwich anyway, because I’m trying to eat less.

    My pet peeve with restaurants is spotty quality, and this was definitely it!

    Had the same experience at the new Dukes. One time the sandwich was so good I couldn’t wait to get back and try another. Got their Roast Beef stacker and it was awful. Cold french fries, I mean from the refrigerator cold!

    When this happens at a restaurant I’m afraid to go back because I don’t know if it will be good or a disaster!

  4. We love Tanks, and eat there at least once a week since it’s close to our office at Wilmington House. If you like their food, you should also try Slyder’s on Watervleit or Kramer’s on Irving!

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