Bourbon St. Grille

There are few places to get a great burger downtown. This is one of those places. Perhaps the best burger shy of heading to a steakhouse in or near downtown Dayton. A favorite of the court crowds, lawyers and blue collar alike wait in line for the great bourbon chicken, burgers, beans and rice and assorted steamed and cooked veggies.

Having lived in Louisiana for some time, I have no idea what the bourbon chicken has to do with the Cajun state, but the spicy rice is awesome, with or without beans.
But we are here to talk about the burgers. Full 1/3 pound, perfectly cooked, usually precooked and heated upon ordering, fully dressed and more than you can eat at one sitting. Great bun, fresh garden on top, plenty of mayo, and a thick full slice of American or Swiss. (A cheddar option would be great).

This is not a burger joint. The chicken and rice is the draw, so a bacon cheeseburger or a burger with grilled onions is not offered. However, the staff is great, down to earth, they treat the cabbies and the judges all the same. The price is right, chicken and rice for $5.00 and loaded burger and fries with cheese for $7.25.  Vegetarians can fill up for $6.00 or less with rice on the side.
Other notes: No deserts to speak of. Pepsi fountain service (self serve). Counter service, gets busy at noon, and a no frills dining room. Chicken sandwhich, fried or grilled always looks good and they make wraps too if you are into that kinda thing.

Open for lunch service only, and located on the corner of 2nd and Wilkinson Downtown. Close enough to walk from Kettering Tower, Main and 3rd, the County campus or Sinclair.


One thought on “Bourbon St. Grille

  1. I had the blackened fish there last week. It was fantastic. I, of course, like the namesake chicken but I’m going to go there more often to get different things.

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