East 5th Grill and Carryout

What a dive. A great,  hole in the wall  tucked out of the way, place. I didn’t get the coffee greeting that attracted me to this classic dive diner.

With a u-turn after the rail road tracks, I parked next door and left my sportcoat on the seat. I bellied up to the counter, close enough to the local by the door and close enough to take in the open grill and prep station. Welcomed with a genuine smile and hello from the owner, and a complimentary copy of the day’s paper handed to me as the other diner paid his tab.

Kitsch covered the walls and the menu was straightforward. Using the menu and my polished wingtips gave me away as a first timer.

Sweet tea, bacon cheeseburger platter (fries and cottage cheese) was cooked fresh while I waited. The raw burger patty hit the grill inches from the two thick cut bacon strips that she started at he same time. Fries warmed hovering close the hot oil.  Cottage cheese was served and no frills accompanied it. This is the real deal. No crackers and it didn’t matter enough to ask.

The burger was great. Perfectly cooked, great bacon and she didn’t skimp on the toppings and cheese. Steak cut fries with the peel filled the basket. A great lunch with a great conversation about the internets impact on the local hub cap business. Stories of a restored 55 chevy mixed without reason with plans to add an ice cream parlor to the back half of the restaurant.
Was a great lunch with great east Dayton company. I will be back.

The entire lunch with generous tip, $10.00. Stop in and see them.


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