The 4200 Place

The 4200 Place re-opened last week . Named after its location at 4200 Kettering Boulevard across from Moraine assembly.

After the sudden death of its owner and subsequent closing of this little gem in 2007, this diner is back. Once a true drive in called Angelo’s, this local eatery has redefined itself once again. The old 4200 Place was known for a couple of things. First, a great breakfast at a great price. 4200 filled the void left by the Golden Nugget after the fire. The second was the daily specials that brought the baby boomers from Moraine, Miami Township, West Carrollton and Kettering out for great meat + 2 deals.

I was looking for a burger when I dropped in recently. I was surprised that there was a crowd. Little has been done inside. Fresh paint and the addition of roosters and patriotic country stars decorated the place simply. The open kitchen is still in place and a register is now situated for easy carryout and check out. All around me folks were enjoying many different selections from the new menu.

Biscuits and gravy at noon, omelets, pork tendorloid sandwhiches as big as a plate. I had the bacon cheeseburger. $4.95 with chips.  The burger was small, not the 1/4 pounder you would have expected in a greasy spoon. Was cooked right with the full compliment of garden veggies on the bun. Two slices of crisp bacon covered the American cheese. The chips were kettle cooked, from a bag, but a nice quality of chip.  This burger isn’t the biggest, freshest or best in town, but right for the price. I guessed it to be a frozen patty from GFS, 6 per pound, cooked ahead and warmed when ordered. It was advertised as Angus and that might have been true, but doesn’t make up for the prepressed frozen patty.

Here are some hi-lites. The wait staff was busy but attentive. The new owner greeted virtually everyone and was seen delivering drinks and clearing tables to shorten the lunch wait. With 14 booths that are cozy for 4 people and 6 two top tables, the place seemed full with a head count of 42 people. The joint is a Pepsi place, the but the iced tea seemed fresh brewed.

Breakfast is served all day everyday. The 3 x 2, 2 eggs, toast, bacon and hashbrowns looked great. Biscuits and gravy looked homemade and plentiful for the price. The pork tenderloin had to be folded to fit somewhat onto the bun. The 4200 has it’s own Big Mac named the Big Chef. I think they should have went with the original Big Chubby from Angelos.

The signature burger, the 4200, is not for the faint or skinny. A burger, with ham and horseradish sauce is one of a kind in Dayton.  The other menu standout is the Watergate salad. This side salad is made with Pistachio pudding, pineapple and coolwhip.

Daily lunch and dinner specials will keep the crowds coming back. So will the great prices. The chalk board listed chicken and noodles, cabbage rolls, hot shots, spaghetti and a Friday fish basket. All hearty mid-western diner fair.
I looked for a burger platter. The typical, burger, fries with cole slaw or cottage cheese. No combo platter exists, fries were ala carte for $1.95 in place of the chips. A bit pricey for the small order of steak fries that are delivered for the price.

Searching the 1/2 wall that separates the dining room from the kitchen I found only one triple layer chocolate cake. This place is ripe for a nice pie and cake selection for dessert after the dinner meal. This little place full of locals will probably do well. I plan to return for breakfast next time. I will save my burger cravings for another diner.

The new 4200 Place is owned by Harville and Tony Denny, who also operates Down the Pike sports bar and eatery at 1603 S. Alex Road. It will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner six days a week, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. The 4200 Place can be reached at 293-4200.


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